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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

CK Talent Management, announced today that the Board of Advisors for Fashion Week Los Angeles (FWLA) has appointed actress, model and fashion blogger Emily Warburton-Adams the FWLA Screening Committee.

The Board of Advisors for FWLA recognizes that Warburton-Adams has her pulse on fashion and believes that she will make a valuable addition to the committee that elects emerging designers to show during Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

“Warburton-Adams has a record of discovering talented designers and maintaining great relationships with established apparel brands. She has displayed a discerning eye for style and is the quintessential fashion-forward celebrity that is representative of influencers that have excellent engagement with their fan base. Emily is extremely well spoken and brings that British charm we are drawn to in LA,” said Gio Ferrigno, Executive Producer, Fashion Week LA

“I am honored to be working with such a prestigious organization and for the great opportunity, the Board entrusted me with. I am looking forward to working with emerging designers during Fashion Week and having an impact on the global fashion industry as I engage with leaders about policies, domestic production, and sustainability,” said Warburton-Adams

FWLA will take place March 10th -15th, 2017, in the Art and Fashion Districts of Los Angeles, CA.

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