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Athlete Management

CK Sports

CK's Athlete Management Division represents elite athlete  professionals with the potential to make a global impact. We strive to elevate our athlete client's careers by providing opportunities for brand exposure (Calvin Klein, Bentley, Armani), modeling (Vogue, GQ, Men’s Health), acting (Transformers, Rush, Unbroken, Star Wars).  CK’s Managing Agent co-authored  the NCAA compliance manual and sits on the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), which settles all sport-related disputes for the Olympics and international sports.  Our  Managing Talent Manager is currently an advisor on the entertainment and sports industries with Guidepoint the world's largest consulting firm. There he advises some of the world's largest entertainment companies and sports organizations


CK Sports division director was the Captain of a major university's football team. The divisions is comprised of many experienced executives in the sports industry, including a former  executives of a major NFL  football team, an NCAA compliance director,  NHL hockey team the St Louis Blues, a sports marketing executive for Hyundai, former executive at William Morris (WME), New Your Boulder Baseball Team and the WWE. Our athletes are from a wide-variety of sports including soccer, olympics, football, MMA (UFC/Bellator), WWE, Rugby, etc.  Some of our executives are current athletes as well, so they understand what the athletes they represent are going through in their careers and can advise in the unique capacity as someone who understands them and their needs. 


CK Sports also features an in-house Health and Wellness Division directed by a two-time gold medalist Olympic coach and celebrity nutritionist to support our talent athletic goals. Finally, CK Sports has credentialed industry executives on staff including a former NFL executive and a former Compliance Director at the NCAA.  CK takes pride in being an exclusive, talent-driven agency that always operates with our clients' best interest in mind. We offer a personalized approach to representation, and we are known in the industry as true advocates for our clients' success.  CK Talent is also a member of the United States eSports Federation (USeF) which sets the professional gaming standards within the United States. USeF  is a not-for-profit organization with the responsibility to promote, grow and develop the quality, diversity and beauty of eSports as part of the fabric of our communities, and our day-to-day lives for now and generations to come. USeF is part of the International Esports the international body that sets the international standards in e-gaming. In addition to the above CK Talent is a member of the North American Society for Sports Management.


CK Talent is also the only Talent Management agency that has been granted membership in the US State Departments - Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) and is a member of the organizations sub-council on Sports and Entertainment.  Membership on this sub-committee include the Commissioners of several professional US sports leagues and associations which include the current NBA Commissioner. 

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