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Athlete Management

CK Sports

Welcome to CK's Athlete Management Division, where we proudly represent elite athletes poised to make a global impact. Our mission is to elevate the careers of our athlete clients by providing unparalleled opportunities for brand exposure, high-profile modeling gigs, and lucrative acting roles.

Global Partnerships: Partnering with esteemed brands such as Calvin Klein, Bentley, and Armani, we ensure our athletes gain maximum brand exposure, setting the stage for a lasting impact on the global stage.

Modeling Opportunities:


From gracing the pages of Vogue and GQ to being featured in Men's Health, our athletes have the chance to make their mark in the modeling world.

Acting Endeavors: We pave the way for our clients to showcase their talent on the big screen, with credits in blockbuster movies like Transformers, Rush, Unbroken, and Star Wars.

Industry Expertise:


Our Managing Agent, a co-author of the NCAA compliance manual and a member of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), settles sport-related disputes for the Olympics and international sports, ensuring our athletes are supported by top-notch legal and compliance expertise.

Top-tier Talent Management: Guided by our Managing Talent Manager, an advisor to major entertainment and sports industries with Guidepoint, the world's largest consulting firm, we provide unparalleled representation and counsel for our clients.

Diverse and Accomplished Team:


Led by our CK Sports division director, a former captain of a major university's football team, our team comprises seasoned executives from various sports backgrounds, including the NFL, NHL, sports marketing, and entertainment.

Athlete-Centric Approach: Many of our executives are current or former athletes, giving us a unique understanding of the challenges our clients face. We provide advice and support from a perspective of shared experiences.

Health and Wellness Support:


Our in-house Health and Wellness Division, directed by a two-time gold medalist Olympic coach and celebrity nutritionist, is dedicated to supporting our athletes in achieving their health and fitness goals.

Industry Recognition:


CK Sports boasts credentialed industry executives, including a former NFL executive and a former NCAA Compliance Director, ensuring our clients receive expert guidance and representation.

Exclusive Memberships:


We take pride in being an exclusive, talent-driven agency. CK Talent is a member of the United States eSports Federation (USeF), setting professional gaming standards within the United States, and the North American Society for Sports Management.

International Recognition:


CK Talent is the only Talent Management agency with membership in the US State Department's Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) and a member of the Sports and Entertainment sub-council. Our commitment is endorsed by influential figures, including the current NBA Commissioner.


At CK Talent, we go beyond traditional representation, offering a personalized approach and unwavering advocacy for our clients' success. Join us on the journey to elevate your athletic career to new heights.

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