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Our staff are experts in the various industries we represent talent in and are recognized for their work in these industries . Many have worked at the tops of their respective fields before coming to CK Talent. Our Managing Talent Manager is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences which produces the yearly Emmy Awards, Film Independent which produces the Spirit Awards and the British Film Institute which produces the annual London Film Festival. He is also the co-author of the NCAA compliance manual used by its member schools. He was also the State Representative in the US for the Amusement Industry trade group where he worked with Disney, Marvel and Universal Studios representing their interests in his jurisdiction. He also served as representative for the entertainment industry to the industries trade organization. CK's Managing Talent Manager is currently an advisor on the entertainment and sports industries with Guidepoint the world's largest consulting firm. There he advises some of the world's largest entertainment companies and sports organizations. 


Our experienced international team works hard to maximize our clients opportunities and comes from various backgrounds bringing those experiences and expertise here to CK Talent to benefit our talent and their careers. Prior to joining us many of our staff have worked in the entertainment industry for major productions including Venom, X-Men, The Late Show with Steven Colbert, The Goldbergs, etc. They have also worked for major industry businesses and professional associations including Viacom, Sony, Universal Studios, NCAA, WWE, The Clinton Foundation, Disney,  Grammys, etc. Some of our staff have worked in the public relations sides of the industry their clients have included many Hollywood well-known talent including Janet Jackson, Chainsmokers, Celine Dion, etc. Staff have also come to us from the fashion and modeling industries, they have worked with well-known fashion designers and brands ranging from Abercrombie, Hollister, Burberry, Prada, etc. Our Executives are also members of the several Government Security Councils in an advisory capacity to give advice on the entertainment industry.


Our Sr. Executive staff have also been invited to speak on industry panels including SXSW, Actors Expo, Harvard Law School, Georgetown Law School, NYU Law School and various other leading industry panels. Other members of the Sr. Management team have served as consultants for MTV Africa; VP of media, events, and content at SPINLET (a digital music streaming company); as Director at TRACE TV AFRICA; and served as the Managing Director at Brights Africa. which is the premier rights management agency for Warner Bros that enforces their use of content and products. Many sit on several corporate and charitable boards throughout the world. Our executives are also asked regularly to speak at industry conferences and events.

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