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Working at CK Talent is rewarding, challenging and career changing. Our intern program is the only gateway to a career here at CK Talent. We only promote from within and do not directly hire for careers from the job market place. We feel this gives/creates a more cohesive relationships between interns and those career professional that they work with here at the agency, since at one time all our career professionals and Sr. Management were once interns themselves.


We are proud of our intern program here at the agency which have produced many career professionals in the entertainment industry. Our interns have gone on to work at CK Talent or moved on in their careers to work at some of that largest entertainment companies in the world. Many of our former interns have stayed in touch with us and even recommended talent to us seeking representation. They have told us the internship program really prepared them for their future positions in the entertainment industry.


Several of our past intern Alumni have gone on to careers at:  the producer programs at the Stephen Colbert show, the NFL, NBA, several Major Hollywood Studios, Instagram, Facebook,  etc.  Several of our  Intern Alumni said that some of these employers said the reason they got the position with little to no experience was because of their past work with CK Talent.  Since they know our intern program prepares students for the work they will face outside of their educational institution and provides them with the fundamentals for their future position(s) outside the agency. Many of these prospective employers work with our interns directly during their internship and get to know them as well from projects they jointly work on with them and our talent.


We are proud of our intern alumni who still maintain a relationship with us and have developed a large network on their own outside of the agency to help each other through out their careers. If you are interested in a career "role" at CK Talent in the US, UK, AUS, Africa or EU, please click below for more information.

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