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CK Talent and Wellberry Portfolio Announce Partnership

Until recently, little attention had been paid to the relationship between acting and mental health. According to a recent article in the Guardian, that cited a survey by the Stage, Equity and Spotlight, which found that one in five people working in entertainment have actively sought help for their mental health – but this figure may well, underestimate the true extent of the problems in the sector. CK Talent was approached last month during Mental Health month by Wellberry Portfolio to partner with them in a unique program centered at working on these issues facing the industry.

 CK Talent Management, Inc. announced today its partnership with Dr Gavin Jones, Chartered Psychologist and is CEO of the Welberry Portfolio. Wellberry will provide specialist and expertise in psychological consultancy, coaching and motivational methods to CK’s talent roster and staff that work in the entertainment, social media and sporting industries. Welberry is a privately commissioned, gold standard psychology service, operated from the United Kingdom and Mexico.

Wellberry clients have included some of Hollywood’s most prominent actors, elite athletes, members of European and Gulf Royal families, and notable business people. Dr. Jones is a licensed psychologist he is a member of the Health and Care Professions Council as well as The British Psychological Council. He has accumulated over twenty years’ working in the healthcare and business sectors as well as a university lecturer. Dr Jones has also gained significant experience in setting up psychological programs for the National Health Service in the United Kingdom (UK).

The Welberry Portfolio will provide clients of CK Talent Management access to their Outreach Services, which means that the Welberry Portfolio will provide a digital (e.g. audio or video-calls) consultancy service to CK Talent clients. The first 30 min session will be free of charge to CK’s clients and will receive a substantial discount on other services provided by Wellberry. Please check with talent relations or your Sr. Agent for specifics.

“The partnership with the Welberry Portfolio will help our clients better manage their personal, social and occupational difficulties that may be directly or indirectly affecting their personal goals, ambitions and successes.” – CK Talent, Managing Partner

Additionally, for Talent who wish a more hands-on approach Welberry Team will provide their services directly to them at their home and they will also be able to have access Wellberry’s portfolio of luxury and private treatment locations around the world. If you are a currently signed CK Talent or CK Staffer and would like more information about the program or for a referral to Dr Gavin Jones, please contact your Sr. Agent for details or you can reach out to Talent relations for a link to the private confidential referral form that will be sent directly to Gavin and his team.

For more information about the Wellberry Portfolio click here

*Talent and are not required to use this service or participate in the program and are encourage to seek their own practitioners if they are suffering from any kind of mental issues or distress.

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