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Rating Agency rates CK as now sharing 90% of the market

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Decision Market Reports (DMR) a well-known company for rating companies announced today that it has list @cktalent as a Major Key market player in the Talent Management Industry. Out of the 11 talent management agencies the report listed @cktalent was ranked number 4. DMR also states that @cktalent now is among the industry leading companies that control 90% of the market share world-wide in our industry. DMR provides research data from their research analysts and key opinion leaders in the industry being researched. The report thoroughly examined the current status and outlook of the key market players on the global level and regional level that are associated with Global Celebrity Talent Management Market. The report also covers the top key manufacturers across the globe and appropriately splits the Global Celebrity Talent Management Market by segments like type and applications/end users. The Global economic slowdown in 2016 has adversely impacted the growth of both emerging markets and developed markets. While both interest rates and equity markets advanced favourably moving towards the end of 2017. Global Celebrity Talent Management Market is a highly concentrated market. The top 10 Market players (which @cktalent is part of) account for about 90% of the total market share in 2017. Some of DMR's clients include @dhl@nbcuniversal@universitycambridge@bp@samsung that utilize their services to decide which companies they engage business relationships with, etc. To see a synopsis of the report you can click here

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