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CK Talent acquires Africa's Largest and Premier Talent Agency

CK Talent announced today that it has acquired ownership of FLU3NT Talent Agency in Africa.  FLU3NT board voted to accept CK Talent Managements bid for an ownership stake in the giant talent agency. The staff, clients and assets will be absorbed into a new division of CK Talent Management, Inc. called CK FLU3NT.  FLU3NT is a full service, culture-centric agency built to serve the best talent, brands and platforms across the African continent and beyond. FLU3NT is front and center within the music, Theatre, Film, TV, Sports and Media industries in several African Countries including having major stakes in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Ghana.

FLU3NT clients range MTV Africa, Trace TV, Pepsi, Rite Food, Nokia, Penrod Ricard, Hard Rock Brands, Diego Brand Companies to name a few. FLU3NT has produced some the most breathtaking platforms and content on the continent of Africa, namely – The King Sunny Ade Concert 2016; Wiz on the Beach concert 2017; The Yolo Concert with Seyi Shay 2017; Guinness VIP with WALE and MIKA HAKINNEN 2012; FCMB COPA LAGOS 2013; Love Is The Musical 2013 and many others.

FLU3NT is seen as the main conduit for majority talent agencies to do business on the African continent. Talent agencies, celebrities and brands outside Africa that wish to do business in Africa routinely contact and use FLU3NT as a conduit to conduct business on the African continent.

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